Andrei Bril: “Plenty of myths accompany our profession at present…”

Журнал CRE #263 Октябрь2015
Quality office real estate in the regions has always been the lot of daredevils. We can still hear the echo of the talks that Russian cities lack the culture of “professional office space” and that the commercial stock in the form of ex-Soviet research institutes well copes with еру demand for offices. Andrei Bril, Board Chairman Korin Holding, in his interview for the CRE magazine, dispels this myth and discusses the current prospects and challenges of the commercial real estate market in Russia.

How does Korin Holding now cope with the decline in construction industry? How do you manage to navigate between stagnation on the market and the need to keep your company up and running? 

We have no special survival recipes. We suffer with the entire nation, experiencing the same hardships as our colleagues. Everybody knows that banks have ceased lending; neither investment nor working capital is available. From this perspective, there can be no mo...
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CRE #263 Октябрь 2015
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