Are You Going to MIPIM?

Журнал CRE #248 Февраль2015
For nearly two decades, the international investment exhibition MIPIM has been called a “Russian” Forum, and for good reason – Russians had the best pavilions, with terraces and views of the sea, government-level business events were held, multi-media displays and amazing models demonstrated, the coolest parties were thrown, yachts and fireworks and all the glitz. All those past years, participants from Moscow and other Russian regions had signed huge amounts of contracts there.

Under the warm sun of Cannes

The spring of 2014 was no exception. At the meeting with the Moscow City Government, entitled “Results of Participation in MIPIM-2014”, Marat Khusnullin, Deputy Mayor for urban policy and the construction, presented the following data: during three days of the exhibition, 10 round tables were held at the Moscow City Government stand, on themes such as: “Investing into the development of transport and infrastructure”, “In...
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CRE #248 Февраль 2015
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