Bidding Farewell

Журнал CRE #268 Декабрь2015
In the outgoing year banks swapped the roles of “active newsmakers”, “tender killers” and “the only hope” for the real estate segment. The year 2015 left more questions than answers for the bankers who might one day join the ranks of most active market players.

Some experts thought 2015 was the bad year both for entry to and exit from the real estate market. “All-out cash” rather than loans called the shots throughout the year. One year and a half under uncertainty taught banks to shun publicity even more. Nearly all representatives of this segment agreed to give interviews only on anonymity terms, whereas consultants and auditors referred to their lack of access to at least some data on lending schemes and new rules of the game.

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CRE #268 Декабрь 2015
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