Don’t Mess with Success!

Журнал CRE #271 Февраль2016
In expert estimation, under a slump in consumer activity, stiffening competition, moral and physical outdating of facilities – the owners of almost all shopping centers will have to radically alter and realign the established business model in their projects.

“Shopping centers usually start considering reconception after the traffic sinks,” ponders Alexander Obukhovsky, Retail Director, Knight Frank. “The drop of footfall inevitably leads to shrinking turnovers of tenants, which in turn reflects on the property yield.” When the “turnover percentage” is used as the basis for rental payments, the developer is not only forced to feel the pulse of trading flows, but react as fast as possible. “During the fat pre-crisis years, when the rates were fix...
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CRE #271 Февраль 2016
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