Double Standards Once Again

Журнал CRE #272 Март2016
The so-called “night of long scoops” in Moscow, when 97 out of 104 structures designated by officials as “illegally built” and “being potentially risky for denizens” were pulled down, changed the rules of the game on the Russian real estate market.

We should remind that among the candidates for demolition were SEC Piramida on Tverskaya, SC Albatros at Schelkovskaya subway stop, pavilions near the entrances to Sokol, Sukharevskaya, Chistye Prudy, Kropotkinskaya, Dobryninskaya, Taganskaya and Dinamo subway stations. The deadline for taking down so-called “squatter developments” expired on February 8. Meanwhile, according to Opora Rossii, these facilities were raised on the lands assigned for these purposes by city authorities, in accord...
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CRE #272 Март 2016
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