Eating Out

Журнал CRE #276 Май2016
In 2013-2015 Moscow shopping centers are reported to have lost from 28% to 35% of their visitors. Among the reasons analysts do not only quote the economic crisis in Russia, but also the global trend of buyers going online. Not only the expansion of public space and an alternative-free transition to a shopping mall as a socio-cultural cluster lie in store for Russian malls; the re-conception of food courts is also inevitable. The latter are turning into anchor tenants for the first time in the history of the Russian retail real estate market.

“The analytic research of Green Street Advisors says that during the next 8 years more than 15% of all US shopping centers will see either a closure or conversion into entertainment spaces with a weak focus on retail; some specialists point out that this figure may reach 45%,” reflects Alexander Dmitryuk, retail advisor at Cushman & Wakefield. Today we see a clear trend of entertainment space expansion. This is an appropriate decision for SC owners as a multitude of gaming, entertainmen...
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