Fellows in Sanctions

Журнал CRE #271 Февраль2016
While the sanctions imposed on Russia are stiffened, the sanctions against Iran are being lifted. In this connection each of these nations would do wise to tap into each other’s experiences. In the early 2000s Russia was integrated into the global economy and capital markets and this is exactly what lies in store for Iranian colleagues; on the other hand, Iranians who have lived decades under stiff sanctions and were actually cut from global economy accumulated huge experience of using inland resources. 

There is a common misconception in Russia both in relation of Iranian economy and the sanction mechanisms. The point is that sanctions are not a ban on transactions for Iranian companies, but rather a ban for US-based companies to deal with Iran. Strange as it may sound, this approach proves very efficient. Iranian businesspeople admit that in the past years the United States carefully calibrated the sanction mechanisms, making them extremely effective. It is American and European companies...
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CRE #271 Февраль 2016
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