Ilya Krugovykh: “Irkutsk is part of Russia and so we don't respond to the current events differently form other regions...”

Журнал CRE #266 Ноябрь2015
What is the Irkutsk version of the “City”? What’s the dynamics of the office real estate market in this Siberian city? What do local tenants want? These questions were answered by Ilya Krugovykh, CEO LLC Expert Development, Sales Director Business District Irkutsk-City.

Aktiv Group does not develop the most typical of Irkutsk’s “landscape” format of integrated business development projects. Please say a few words about the company’s current activities in general and the Irkutsk-City project in particular.

Aktiv Group is a regional developer which is part of a large industrial holding. Its key spheres of business activity include investment, construction and subsequent property and facility management. Ther...
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CRE #266 Ноябрь 2015
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