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Журнал CRE #248 Февраль2015
By the end of 2014 total A-class storage space in the territory of Moscow and Moscow Region amounted to 8.7m square meters, with 660,000 sq m of commissioned space, or 40% of the annual supply accrual. All areas are Class A. Most of the warehouse complexes put into operation in Moscow and its suburbs in the fourth quarter of 2014 lie close to “Minor Betonka” (A107 route). The northern, southern and southeastern directions – the hotbeds of development activity in 2014 – accounted for 77% of all construction works completed at the year’s end (CBRE).

The territorial breakdown of the new supply in 2014 largely reflects the trends of the previous years, the dominant directions for industrial development still being the North and South of the Moscow Region, accounting, respectively, for 25% and 22% of the total accrual in 2014. However, the largest volume of ready-to-use warehouse premises appeared in the southeast of the Moscow Region – 433,000 sq m or 26% of the total growth. Next year about 68% of the new supply will also be generated b...
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CRE #248 Февраль 2015
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