Into Safe Haven

Журнал CRE #247 Февраль2015
Despite the categorical unwillingness of real estate market participants to make at least some predictions, almost every one of them, six months ago, began to look closely at some kind of “safe haven”, where one could “inexpensively, but profitably”, ride out this crisis. This crisis, the experts are already predicting, will last from one to three years.

Given that three years from now the real estate market, according to some players, “will hardly be recognizable”, and the crisis will be divided into several periods, “hero-projects” will be found in each of these periods. “If we talk about the short term, from the point of view of ‘traditional’ real estate, we come face to face with a ‘collapse’ in the future volumes of new supply. This is due to the fact that developers will finish building the objects that are now in the active, advanced...
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CRE #247 Февраль 2015
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