Made It into the Rating

Журнал CRE #248 Февраль2015
In the first quarter of 2015, the international rating agency Standard & Poor’s will complete its ratings review of six Russian real estate companies. Despite the fact that most experts are once again talking not about the economic, but the political component, the reaction of the real estate market may turn out the most unpredictable.

“The decision to review the rating of companies operating in the real estate market was primarily due to the revision of the country’s national rating,” says Dmitry Mintz, general director of the investment company O1 Properties. “Thus, we have become hostages to country risk, and most likely, the rating agencies will be looking at this, rather than the state of business of a particular company or industry. Therefore, it is impossible to do anything about this, although of course we are wor...
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CRE #248 Февраль 2015
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