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Журнал CRE #253 Май2015
Andrei Danilenko, retail business regulation ombudsman, asked to push back the ban on nightly trading in commercial premises of apartment buildings to 2017. As follows from the appeal of Mr. Danilenko to Viktor Evtukhov, Russian Vice Minister of Trade and Industry, if the new regulation is enforced it will cause growing unemployment, liquidation of some shops and the inevitable leap of prices.

Starting on July 1, 2015 new requirements to SNiP “Multi-family houses”, endorsed on December 26, 2014 come into force. Now companies, leasing or owning premises in apartment buildings shall not work at night, once they are accommodated at the basement, first or second floors. The ban applies to pharmacies, restaurants, hairdressing salons, dry-cleaners, etc. In the opinion of Victoria Kamlyuk, street retail director at Knight Frank, the ban on nightly activi...
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CRE #253 Май 2015
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