Not to Lose is Already a Victory

Журнал CRE #268 Декабрь2015
Disposable incomes of Russian citizens in 2015 dropped to minimum since 1999, credits for business remain unaffordable; rental rates in all sectors are close to hitting the bottom; however in the third quarter experts still stated relative stabilization of the national economy. The outgoing year for Russian developers is closing under the motto “leasing at least something to somebody”.

Analysts mentioned the abysmal fall of the office and retail real estate market with plummeting rental rates and burgeoning vacancies as the key trend of 2015. In the opinion of one of CRE interviewees, talks about a more rapid development of certain segments under these circumstances look as discussing a better facial skin color of a dying person on a deathbed. A slump in business activity brought about the optimization of costs in all business spheres – in particular, companies were slash...
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CRE #268 Декабрь 2015
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