Petr Pervukhin: “Getting out of Shell Is the Key!”

Журнал CRE #280-281 Июль2016
The strategy of Gazprombank in respect of commercial real estate crediting in a “new time” has almost remained unchanged; not so with the development, as the number of projects capable of passing through banking face control has radically reduced. To whom does Gazprombank lend money today and on what terms? What’s the bank policy towards borrowers in trouble? Read about this and a lot more in a CRE interview with Petr Pervukhin, head of real estate project financing directorate at the Department of Project and Structural Financing, GazpromBank.

Petr, what changed in the strategy of Gazprombank relative to real estate financing under new economic realities which are by no means new? Have you changed your approach to the assessment of development projects/assets and to risk assessment?

Fundamentally our approach has not changed, but it is developers and their standing that have changed for the worse. Like we did before, we look at the financial models of borrowers, given that the rental rate...
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CRE #280-281 Июль 2016
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