Reducing Construction Cost for the Sake of Higher Quality

Журнал CRE #247 Февраль2015
Russia is experiencing a growing trend of tougher competitiveness through the so-called quest for ways to reduce costs. In the construction industry, the uncritical pressure on prices of materials and services is in fact leading to the creation of a new generation of “Khrushchev-type” buildings. Moreover, achieving cost optimization of a project is possible without compromising its quality.

The topic of inefficient optimization is particularly relevant for the low-rise housing market, where for certain categories of buildings, going through expertise examination of project documentation is not always mandatory. Accordingly, the quality of the implementation of these objects is not monitored by Gosstroynadzor. Thus, an apartment in a low-rise building is more expensive than in a 17-story building – which seems like nonsense. 

Racing for the lowest ...
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CRE #247 Февраль 2015
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