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Журнал CRE #278 Июнь2016
Customers from the Moscow and Leningrad regions began working harder, having less time to go to shopping centers outside of their city even on weekends and want to have essential retail functions near their homes. CRE experts ponder on the prospects of building new-format facilities and changing the concepts of shopping centers near Moscow and St. Petersburg. 

As estimated by CBRE, many suburban towns near Moscow are still undersupplied with quality retail (60% out of 40 suburban towns with population in excess of 40,000 residents have only 300-350 sq m of quality retail space per 1,000 dwellers, which is the average parameters for Russian cities). Because of their close proximity to Moscow, average wages in some near-Moscow cities is way higher than the average Russian indicator (50-70 thou rubles against 33 thou rubles). 

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CRE #278 Июнь 2016
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