Renegotiation: Trend of the Year

Журнал CRE #268 Декабрь2015
2015 brought no surprises to the real estate market in general and the market of consulting services in particular: after the shock in 2014 some market segments felt better and needed the services of consultants and brokers, whereas others had no need for brokers. While being predicatble, the situation may further change, especially since a careful analysis reveals not only the outlook for the year to come, but also for the more distant future.

Talking about the market of consulting services in general, the following specifics could be observed in 2015. In the words of Vladimir Pinaev, CEO CBRE in Russia, a typical phenomenon was clients migrating to the mass-market segment. “This trend was particularly apparent in the appraisal and consulting services, where the need for high quality work was replaced by the urge ‘to get low prices’. The result is frequent dumping, the main drivers of this process being banks using the services o...
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CRE #268 Декабрь 2015
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