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Журнал CRE #247 Февраль2015
A difficult economic situation and the ban on parking led to plummeting demand for “image-building” premises along the main retail routes – Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street, Garden Ring, Leningradsky and Kutuzovsky avenues, etc. Also affected is Tverskaya Street, to be sure, where vacancies during the past year fluctuated between 7% and 9%, reaching in some periods the record-breaking 11%. Pekinskaya utka (its premises were occupied by Chaihona #1), Pandora and several bank branches vacated their premises on Tverskaya in 2014.

At the same time, demand for objects strung out along the central pedestrian streets grew from some retail companies, especially “public catering” operators (mainly fast food restaurants, cafes or confectioneries), such as, for example, American Diner Company; “clothing” and “footwear” (in the mid-price segment), “pharmacies” (e.g. Planeta Zdorovya), “souvenirs”, etc. Pedestrian routes are also attractive for tenants offering impulse merchandise or operating in the showroom format. 
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CRE #247 Февраль 2015
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