Takuya Aoyama: “A customized approach to projects calls for a customized approach to their owners as well”

Журнал CRE #248 Февраль2015
Currently, the Hyatt Hotels Corporation is developing four projects in Russia. Despite the economic turmoil and political instability, in the company they are positive about the long-term potential of the Russian hospitality market. Takuya Aoyama, vice president of acquisitions and business development at Hyatt International (Europe, Africa, Middle East), answered CRE’s questions.

– What is the key feature of the Hyatt Empire? What makes the Hyatt Hotels Corporation different from all the other hotel companies?

– To begin with, Hyatt Hotels Corporation has several brands. The most luxurious brand is the Park Hyatt. In Moscow, this brand is already represented by Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel. The Park Hyatt brand is a combination of world-class service and luxury. Thus, this category of hotel rooms are equipped with the latest mode...
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CRE #248 Февраль 2015
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