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Журнал CRE #289 Ноябрь2016
The statement of some experts about the “overvalued” assets of Immofinanz, which decided to exit the Russian market, made some players pensive of both the adequate valuation methods in the present-day environment, and also of the purchase deals in principle: what to sell, how and to whom?

The Austrian businesspeople plan to sell their assets at least for 1.1bn euro. The priority scheme is selling their entire portfolio to a single buyer, though they can also sell their assets one after another to different buyers. O1 Group and MC Avica were named as most likely candidates. However, Boris Mints’ O1 Group may refuse to buy in view of the overstated asked price. 

Avica declined to comment. “Judging by official statements of Immofinanz Group, the co...
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CRE #289 Ноябрь 2016
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