The City Defying Demolition

Журнал CRE #299 Май2017
If the most large-scale project – demolition of 25 million square meters of housing and resettlement of 1.6 million people – is implemented as intended, not only will everything left from old Moscow be gone; the institute of private property can be at stake. 

Bill #120505-7 (“On entering amendments to Russian Law ‘On the Status of the Russian Capital’, as regards the specifics of housing stock renovation in the capital of Russia – the city of federal importance, Moscow) was almost unanimously passed on April 20 by the State Duma in the first reading. 

The document which some residents of demolished houses already describe as “the expropriation and deportation law” implies that the inhabitants of the houses (8,000 in...
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CRE #299 Май 2017
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