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Журнал CRE #288 Ноябрь2016
Air Gate of the Northern Capital (VVSS), managing Pulkovo Airport, and Passenger Port St. Petersburg Morskoi Fasad, JSC signed an agreement on their intention to ratchet up interaction for tourist attraction, as part of the INWETEX CIS Travel Market-2016 trade fair. In particular, the parties are getting ready a draft bill about 72-hour visa-free entry for passengers who fly to St. Petersburg and leave the city by ferry or cruise ship (and vice versa). As estimated by experts, this step will not only increase the attractiveness of St. Petersburg in the foreseeable future, but will also promote Russia in the world tourist market as a maximally easy to visit country “in your backyard.”

In VVSS estimations, about 9,000 tourists have arrived in St. Petersburg via Pulkovo and left the city via Morsoi Fasad and vice versa, this year. They are convinced at VVSS that this tourist flow may swell by a large margin, once a 72-hour visa-free regime is introduced, similar to the one already in place for tourists traveling by cruise liners. Until recently the law has bound the tourist to depart from the same checkpoint gate they use to enter Russia, which, in the opinion of the marke...
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CRE #288 Ноябрь 2016
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