Truth about Wine Bars

Журнал CRE #247 Февраль2015
Being perceived as a symbol of the “good life” five years ago, wine bars with their point positioning and being “not just retail”, in the near future may experience a real renaissance. In the meantime, such projects are trying to build a “brave new world”, given the rising foreign currency exchange rates and declining purchasing power of the population.

“Specialty stores with a specialized selection of products began to appear, like so many other things, in the mid-1990s,” says Alexander Lipilin, head of working with private and corporate clients at the wine trading company Fort (Fort Wine Bars). “As a rule, these were opened by importing companies. The very concept ‘wine bar’ they started using in the mid to late-2000s. Back then, many specialized wine shops started calling themselves ‘wine boutiques’. In this way, they tried to different...
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CRE #247 Февраль 2015
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