MIPIM 2013

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In the report “New Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe”, prepared by Urban Land Institute and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP for 2013 it is indicated that in two recent years Moscow has been consistently ranked as the ninth most attractive city in Europe. The Russian respondents believe that international investors miss out on tremendous opportunities as they choose more stable but less profitable markets. In the words of Holger Mueller, Real Estate Leader at PwC Russia, the Russian real estate market is indeed perceived as a light
sailing-vessel, rather than a steady tanker.
Meanwhile, as forecasted by experts, the state of equilibrium, typical of the Russian real estate market in recent years, will most likely be there in 2013 as well. And stability plays into the hand of institutional investors laying long-term plans. In analyst opinion, both the stable office sector and rapidly emerging retail real estate segment are attractive
for investments. Not very far behind are warehouses that demonstrate good dynamics both in terms of new storage
space delivered to the market and in terms of demand.
Moscow is still in the forefront as it has been during many years already. Nevertheless the regional markets have stirred to higher activity of late – above all, in retail.
This edition is devoted to the Russian commercial real estate market, its problems, achievements and prospects. Hopefully it will help us get better acquainted with modern-day realitiesand make weighted business decisions.

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MIPIM 2013

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