MAPIC 2012

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Russia is a big market offering wide opportunities to retailers and developers who just need to open it for themselves. That you might have access to more information and know about the latest trends, Impress Media Publishing House has prepared the Guide to Retail Real Estate in Russia 2012.
What does the retail property market in Moscow and the rest of Russia look like? Where does it pose problems for a retailer, and where does it suggest an easy and simple solution? What new formats are coming to Russia? Which are the long-awaited retailers here, and who has finally dared to play the Russian
roulette? You will learn this and even more in our next issue of the Guide to Russian Retail Real Estate.
We hope you'll find helpful data for your work on these pages.
We'll be happy if you benefit from our coverage of the main markets within Russia.

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MAPIC 2012

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