MAPIC 2014

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Russian regions are a new playfield for international retailers.
Their importance has been growing during several recent years. While earlier chain operators did not have the guts to go beyond Moscow and several biggest cities with more than a million population, now you may come across such brands as Zara, Media Markt, Mexx or Mango in the cities populated with no more than 300,000 people.
It is for this reason that the analysis of Russian cities features so large in the Guide where you may come across extensive information about regional properties, get acquainted with the pools of tenants in those that have already hit those markets, and develop a conviction that there is nothing fearful in the «Russian out-of-the-way places».
Moscow does not surrender its position of the most attractive place for investors, developers and the first step for
international operators. But in view of shrinking development land, investors more often turn their eyes to the regions.
Russia is a big market having wide opportunities in store for retailers and developers; it just waits to be discovered. That you may get more information and know about the latest trends, Impress Media has prepared the Guide to Retail Property in Russia 2014.

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MAPIC 2014

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