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Developers Looking For The Exit
East, West and the Art of Property Management
Demand for professional property management services is born of the need to generate revenue from functioning real estate. During the Great Depression at the start of the 20th century many American universal and mortgage banks acquired real estate property for practically nothing. In order to find ways to make their new buildings generate revenue they began to examine how to best manage them.


Planning for the Unthinkable – Corporate Disaster Recovery
The need for ensuring business continuity and protecting corporate IT systems is leading many companies to acquire reserve office areas which could if necessary, function as their main office. So what exactly is a reserve office? Under what scenario would you need one? And, who are the main consumers for this product?

A risky business
Analysts unanimously agree that the restaurant business is indeed one of the riskiest businesses in the world. Many restaurants close before even having been able to open. This trend is especially noticeable in the center of capital cities where rent rates are very high. However, despite the risks, the number of restaurants in the city is not declining. On the contrary, so-called “restaurant streets” are starting to appear and restaurants are starting to decentralize.

Corridors for Power
The developers path to the successful completion of a project is crisscrossed by a myriad of obstacles that are often difficult to predict and perhaps even more difficult to negotiate. These difficulties are concealed in the site allocation process, the agreement of the architectural design, and many other bureaucratic steps. The history of the realization of the Avia Plaza business center is atypical in this regard. Mutually beneficial cooperation with municipal authorities allowed the development company TEN to carry out the project in a short timeframe.

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